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Our delivery service for Munich

We ran ours to you with our own delivery crew Pan pizzas, cheezy crusts and all other Pizza Hut goodies straight from our restaurants. This guarantees that your favorite Pizza Hut pizza tastes almost exactly like it did when you got it from the Pizza Hut restaurants near you know. However, the transport is not really good for any product and quite honestly, a pan pizza, taken a few seconds earlier from the Pizza Hut Wow! oven and served fresh in the original pan, is another small upgrade. There is always a risk of quality losses if there is a transport in between.

In connection with the most modern, mobile heating equipment and our wide range of vehicles, we can only meet the quality requirements of our beloved pan pizza in limited delivery areas. For your full Pizza Hut enjoyment at home.

You can find all information about this on this page Delivery area of the Pizza Hut restaurants in Munich.

You can do that Delivery area via Google Maps look at or use the street directory and the postcode overview to orientate yourself. But you can also conveniently Pizza Hut Delivery Shop check within a few seconds whether yours Zip code in the delivery area lies.

This way if you want to know if you live in the delivery area.

Our delivery area:

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Why doesn't the Pizza Hut delivery service deliver to Bogenhausen or Pasing?

Each of our pizzas is freshly prepared with love. As a guest, this gives you the full Pizza Hut variety, but requires a total of 15 minutes from the moment you order, through preparation, to when it comes out of the oven. We would like to organize the careful packing and ultimately the journey itself in such a way that you usually hold your hot Pizza Hut pizza in your hand 30 minutes after receipt of your order.

The Pizza Hut delivery service is operated by the Pizza Hut stores at the Isartor, at the Olympiazentrum and in the Bayerstrasse right next to the Mathäser cinema. Unfortunately, the location of our restaurants does not currently allow us to deliver to Bogenhausen, Pasing or Neuperlach. But who knows, who knows. The Pizza Hut delivery service in Munich has only existed since May 2020 and we still have a lot planned.

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Postcodes with delivery
Postcodes, some of which we deliver to
Which streets does Pizza Hut Munich deliver to?
  Aachen street
  evening street
  bracken road
  Agilol finger place
  Agnes Pockels Arch
  Alexandra street
  alpine road
  old yard
  Old Saint George Square
  Altheimer Eck
  On the mountain climb
  At the entrance
  At the Feuerbachl
  At Giesinger Feld
  At the Glockenbach
  On the hazelnut bush
  At Herrgottseck
  At the raspberry punch
  At the Kosttor
  At the Lilienberg
  At the Mühlbach
  At the new deck
  At the Nockherberg
  At Oberwiesenfeld
  At the Olympic Park
  Am Wageck
  Amira Square
  At the main fire station
  At the crepe
  Andernach Street
  hitchhiker place
  hitchhiker road
  Ansbacher Strasse
  Anzinger street
  Apian Street
  Arcis street
  artillery road
  On the island
  Aventine street
  azalea street
  Bad Brunnthal
  balan road
  Bamberg Street
  Barer Street
  Barnabas street
  farmer street
  tree road
  Bayrischzeller Strasse
  Belgrade street
  mountain road
  Bernauer Street
  Bingen street
  Birnauer Strasse
  flower street
  Bob van Benthem Square
  wolfberry street
  Bogenhauser church square
  arch road
  Bonn Square
  Bonn street
  boos street
  borscht alley
  Braganza street
  Bray street
  Breisacher street
  Bremen street
  Brienner Street
  brother street
  Budapest street
  boom road
  Burgundy Street
  Carl Amery Square
  Centa Herker Bow
  Chemnitz Square
  Christoph von Gluck Square
  Claude Lorrain Street
  Claudius Square
  Curt Mezger Square
  Dachau street
  Dahlia Street
  Dante Street
  Darmstadt street
  Daxet Street
  Deidesheimer Strasse
  Deisenhofener Strasse
  diesel road
  Dingolfing Street
  Dom Pedro Square
  Dom Pedro Street
  Trinity Square
  dry road
  Dusseldorf street
  Ebenauer Street
  Edelweiss Street
  Ehrenbreitsteiner Strasse
  Eisenach street
  Alsatian street
  English garden
  Europe Square
  Falcon Street
  Dyer Trench
  feather grass path
  Feldmochinger Strasse
  Fischbachauer Strasse
  Forester Street
  Frankenthaler Strasse
  Frankfurt Ring
  Franz Josef Strauss ring
  Franz Prüller Strasse
  woman place
  woman street
  Freddie Mercury Street
  outdoor pool street
  fuchsia road
  Fürstenfelder Strasse
  gallery street
  gardener place
  honeysuckle road
  Georg Birk Street
  Georg Brauchle ring
  Germersheimer Strasse
  Sibling Scholl Square
  Giesing station square
  bluebell road
  lucky road
  Wisteria Street
  Gorzer Street
  Gruenstadt Square
  Gustav Landauer Arch
  Haidhauser street
  Hornbeam Street
  Hamburger Street
  Hanau Street
  Hans Mielich Square
  Heidelberg street
  Holy Spirit Street
  Helene Mayer Ring
  Hermann Sack Street
  elevated road
  courtyard moat
  Hohenaschauer Strasse
  Hohenzollern Square
  wooden road
  Hyacinth Road
  Icho Street
  infantry road
  Inner Wiener Strasse
  Ring of Innsbruck
  iris street
  Ismaninger Strasse
  James Loeb Street
  Jena street
  youth street
  Kaiserslautern Square
  canal road
  Chapel Street
  Karl Price Square
  Karl Scharnagl Ring
  Carmelite Street
  Katharina von Bora Street
  Cellar Street
  gravel road
  Church Street
  Kirchseeoner Strasse
  Klagenfurt street
  climbing rose trail
  Cologne square
  coliseum street
  King Brand Street
  Queen Street
  Constance street
  Corbinian Square
  cross cookies
  cross street
  Laibacher Strasse
  country road
  country road
  Landshut Avenue
  country road
  Lauchstädter Strasse
  Leipziger Street
  Lemgo street
  Lenzfrieder Strasse
  Lerchenauer street
  Lily Brown Walk
  Lorraine Street
  lions den
  Lucile Grahn Street
  Lie in the country
  Luneburg Street
  Maikammerer Strasse
  Mainz street
  marten road
  Martin Luther King Way
  Martin Luther Street
  Max Diamond Street
  Max Joseph Square
  Max Mannheimer Platz
  Max Planck Street
  Max Weber Square
  Meissen street
  butcher street
  Milbertshofen Square
  Milbertshofener Strasse
  Milky Way
  Mildred-Scheel arch
  mimosa road
  moon road
  Montsalvat Street
  Moosach's Sankt-Martins-Platz
  Moosacher Strasse
  Morassi Street
  motor road
  coin road
  Museum Island
  Neuberghauser street
  Neuhauser street
  Neustift street
  Niger Road
  Norderneyer Strasse
  North Driveway
  Nuremberg street
  Nymphenburger Strasse
  Upper Grass Street
  Upper Johannisstrasse
  Upper Weidenstrasse
  Oberhof place
  Oggersheimer Strasse
  Orlando street
  Orleans Square
  Orleans street
  Oskar von Miller ring
  palm road
  paradise road
  Paris Square
  Paris street
  Parzival Square
  Perlacher Strasse
  Perusa Street
  St. Peter's Square
  Petra Kelly Street
  petuel ring
  Palatinate Forest Road
  plow road
  pimple street
  Pilgersheimer Strasse
  Piloty street
  Plauen street
  Prelate Miller Way
  prater island
  Prussia Street
  Prince Ludwig Street
  Prince Regent Square
  Prochintal Street
  Professor Huber Square
  Promenade Square
  Quedlinburg Street
  Raintal Street
  Ramersdorfer Strasse
  smoke street
  deer street
  Rhododendron Walk
  Ricarda Huch Street
  Rimstinger Strasse
  cattle market
  Robert Koch Street
  Roman road
  horse market
  Pink Ashburner Bow
  Rosa Luxemburg Square
  Rosenheim Square
  Rosenheimer Strasse
  rose street
  rose valley
  Rottacher Strasse
  Croda Rossa
  quiet street
  Ruppertsberger Strasse
  Saw Street
  Saint-Privat Street
  Sage Street
  Salvator Square
  velvet road
  Saint Anna Square
  Saint Anna Street
  Sankt Blasien Street
  Saint Boniface Street
  Saint Cajetan Street
  Saint Martin Street
  Saint Martin's Square
  Sankt Wolfgang Square
  Saporta street
  Sapporo arc
  estimate way
  Schlechinger way
  Schleissheimer Strasse
  Castle Street
  Schmalkalden Street
  creator place
  school street
  Black Street
  sedan street
  Sendlinger street
  Sendlinger Tor Square
  Silver Poplar Street
  Simon Knoll Square
  summer road
  Speyer Street
  Spiridon Louis ring
  sweet clover path
  stone road
  Stephanskirchener Strasse
  star road
  Strelitzer Strasse
  taxi street
  Tegernsee Landstrasse
  Tegernsee Square
  Teutoburg Street
  Thaddäus Robl Street
  Thalkirchner Strasse
  Thekla street
  Thomas Wimmer ring
  Tivoli Street
  Toni Merkens way
  Torquato Tasso Street
  Torwanger Strasse
  drive road
  Trieste street
  Trostberger Strasse
  Turk Street
  Ungstein Street
  Lower Feldstrasse
  Lower Grass Road
  Lower Johannisstrasse
  Lower Weidenstrasse
  Lower Anger
  Usedom Street
  Versailles Street
  veterinary road
  Victoria Square
  Wachenheimer Strasse
  Woodruff Street
  clematis road
  Walter Flex Street
  Warngauer Strasse
  hamlet road
  wine route
  Weissenburger Platz
  Weissenburger Strasse
  Werner Friedmann sheet
  Vienna Square
  winter road
  Wormser Strasse
  cell street
  twin street