20% discount | Pickup offer on Sunday

Pizza Hut Take Away Offer - Your delicious and convenient choice

Take away offer - cheap and convenient

the Pizza Hut take away offers from Pizza Hut are especially handy as they give you the option to pick up your pizza at a specific time. So you can easily place your orderwhen you know you have a specific time to plan your lunch, dinner, or commute home from the office. through the Online ordering option placing your order is particularly easy and convenient.

20% Discount – Our Pizza Hut take away offer on Saturday and Sunday

One of our special Take away offers is the “20% Discount on All Online Orders” offer every Saturday and Sunday. With this Pizza Hut offer, you'll receive a 20% discount on your entire take away order if you pre-order online. A real bargain for all pizza fans! The offer is valid Saturday & Sunday and only for take away. Unfortunately, this discount cannot be granted for telephone orders or orders on site.

Equal Slice for everyone - Affordable deals for everyone

We offer consistently low prices Take away offers, which not only take into account the lower effort compared to the dine-in restaurant, but are also calculated particularly tightly, true to the global corporate philosophy "Equal Slice for everyone", so that everyone can afford Pizza Hut.

Dine In and Delivery - Full Pizza Hut enjoyment

In the Dine In Restaurant you can enjoy the full Pizza Hut indulgence with your pan pizza served in the Original American Pan, homemade sodas and a complete dining experience. The Pizza Hut delivery service gives you the opportunity to have Pizza Hut pizza delivered directly to your home or office. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you particularly cheap offers in the delivery service.


Online pre-order – practical and convenient

The online pre-order of the Take away offers from Pizza Hut is particularly convenient as it gives you the option to pick up your pizza at a specific time, without waiting in the restaurant. So you can be sure that your pizza is fresh and hot when you pick it up. Payment can also be conveniently made online.

Guest information – it is best to order the Pizza Hut take away offers online

We encourage our guests to Best to place orders onlineto ensure that the desired pick-up time can be met and to avoid waiting times both during the checkout process and when waiting for the pizza. So you can take your delicious Pizza Hut pizza home with you for the cheapest treat.

Pizza Hut take away offers - always the best offers on our website

You can always find the best and cheapest on our local Pizza Hut website Pizza Hut take away offers. We guarantee that you will always find the latest and most attractive take away offers here. Our team is constantly working to present you with the best pick-up offers so that you can order your favorite pizza at an unbeatable price. Visit us regularly so you don't miss any offers.

The ones listed here Pizza Hut take away offers are mostly offers from the Pizza Hut restaurants operated by DLS Restaurants GmbH. These are not national offers available in every Pizza Hut store.

Where are the Pizza Hut take away offers available?

The daily changing Pizza Hut take away offers are available in the following Pizza Hut branches:

Pizza Hut Munich at the Olympic Center

Pizza Hut Munich at the Stachus

Pizza Hut Garmisch

Pizza Hut Nuremberg

Pizza Hut Fuerth

Pizza Hut Wuerzburg

Pizza Hut Dresden

Pizza Hut Kassel